c.1970: Scotch Hair Set Tape Ads



Source: SA Steve

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  1. Kim

    The women’s head floating on a pedistal is somewhat disturbing. The word ‘dollie’, really?

  2. domino

    you know, for kiss curls, that stuff doesn’t look half bad! Where can I get some?

    • Topov

      My first impression was that she looks like Judy Nelson (ex-gf of Martina N and Rita Mae). It probably is Cheryl, though…

      and her in the last pic has odd-looking dilated Quaalude/coke pupils. Very Seventies

  3. P'Gell

    My mother used this years ago. I remember the pink container. She used it for “pin curls” and to tape her bangs down while she dried her hair. Weird stuff. I don’t remember her ever letting me use it, though.


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