1888: Sarah Bernhardt as “The Ocean Empress”



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  1. Rina Weisman

    Sorry, but this is misidentified. That is not Sarah Bernhardt, the actress.

  2. algomeysa

    In the past when I’ve seen this photo, I wondered if it was cosplay of the 1894 John Kendrick Bangs short short “The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall.”


    Basically, this guy’s family is haunted by this female ghost for generations who, when the male members of this family get to a certain age, comes to them on a winter night and drips water on them til they die of pneumonia. After his grandfather and father perish this way, the 3rd-generation guy gets the idea to wear an insulated diving suit to protect him. He then goes outside into the cold and the water ghost freezes solid. The guy then pays to have the frozen ghost kept at a refrigerated storing facility in perpetuity!

    • Aaron Carine

      Although the first half of “The Water Ghost” is hilarious, the cruelty and probable misogyny of the story has always disturbed me.

  3. Karl

    Gosh, I wonder why the great Alfons Mucha didn’t decide to paint promotional posters of Bernhardt in this stellar role..


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