1930s: Newcastle Mugshots

“These mug shots come from a police identification book. It was originally found in a junk shop and donated to Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.”

- Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

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  1. Vicky

    Interesting to see how people have grown in a century. Most of the men here are 5’7″ and under! That said, even now Geordies tend to be smal and compact, all those generations working in the mines I guess.

  2. MrB

    Two things I think are interesting/great about this:

    1) Every villain has to have a picture with and without a hat
    2) Having your photo taken still seems to be a novelty – some of the blokes are having a good laugh at the whole process.

    Also, although “Larceny” is still an offence in the US, it was abolished in the UK in 1969.

  3. paul

    Can’t help thinking some of the men photographed here have grandchildren or great-grandchildren who have been on the Jeremy Kyle show.

  4. Other Paul

    I was expecting more gentleman jewel thieves, cat burglars or confidence tricksters. At least a tax-dodger. But no. All sadly ordinary.

  5. kerry

    They all did acceptable crimes to be in the main population.I wonder how many were drug addicted or alcoholic.2 of them I found sexy,suderland being one and the guy with scar,another.They did there own thing,and i bet some were charmers.I am surprised about the short heights,most had blue eyes..

  6. Dunnie

    People were shorter back then because their diets were much poorer than they are now.

  7. Aristocrat

    Wow. I never knew that teaching your dog to be housebroken would get you arrested in Newscastle. There must have been poop everywhere in those days.

  8. Moses

    Dont judge these people. Most are probably poor, uneducated, and come from terrible familys. In that situation you would probably steal to. Anything to make life worth living.

    • Mike

      Yeah, try to tell that to the JUDGE.

      All sorts of poor, uneducated people from terrible families have been able to make an honest living.

      Take a look at those tablets again, Moses.

  9. eyda

    I like how John Gallagher got the “s” taken off of eyes to accommodate his condition.


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