1953: Las Vegas Mushroom Cloud

Source: Unknown

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  1. LREKing

    Funny stuff. In the artist’s renderings, the cloud is in different places. And the one that appears to be an actual doesn’t show the mushroom.

    Nice try, Las Vegas.

  2. Ian

    All I can think of when I see this is Fallout New Vegas, just because, well, ya know…

  3. Steve

    Out of all of those number two is real. If a weapon is detonated at a high enough altitude there is no stem to the “mushroom.” The stem is not from the fireball rising, but from the vacuum created by the blast after the shock wave has passed. The dust meets at the center and rises… when it contacts the the remnants of the fireball it creates the mushroom look. There were plenty of tests at the NTS in the 1950s that were air drops at relatively high altitudes that did not create the stereotypical mushroom cloud that popular thought stows upon nuclear detonations.


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