1931-1939: Behind the scenes of Frankenstein

Sources: John Rozum; Monster Kid Classic Horror Forum; Frankensteinia

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  1. Aristocrat

    Boris Karloff or is it Jeremy Irons? Getting harder to tell these days.

  2. Elizabeth

    I love the images of Frankenstein sipping tea/coffee and having a slice of toast.

  3. wonko

    Frankenstein is the name of the scientist, not that of the creature

  4. Martin

    Saturday night horror movie double bill, Frankenstein followed by the Wolfman, ah they were the days.

  5. Keith Owen

    These photos of the Frankenstein monster 1931 – 1939 are
    from the sets of the three feature movies which starred
    BORIS KARLOFF as the monster. ‘Frankenstein’ 1931, ‘Bride
    of Frankenstein’ 1935 and ‘Son of Frankenstein’ 1939.
    ‘Son of Frankenstein’ is notable in that it featured BASIL
    RATHBONE as the doctor in this film. He was a ‘good’ doctor
    and was vindicated at the end of the movie. This film also
    featured BELA LUGOSI as the crimminally insane ‘IGOR’ and he held sway over the monster. IGOR, who suffered from a half
    broken neck from a failed hanging, also appeared in the
    fourth FRANKENSTEIN movie (featuring either Lon Chaney, Jr.
    or Glenn Strange as the monster) from 1940. Son of Frankenstein was also the first film in the franchise to reach over 90 minutes in length.

  6. Doc

    I like the one of the good doctor lighting the monster’s cigarette for him. Boy, the AMA would be pissed!


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