c. 1900s: Bathing machines

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  1. CatM

    These are adorable. I wish they still had a few around, I would love to take a little ride in one just to see what it was like. Must be terribly convenient for changing, too, peeling off the bathing suit and putting on dry clothes before you have to walk back across the sand to your next destination. Much better than trying to not be seen in the back of a car.

  2. Mark

    I get the concept. A cabin on wheels that you can change in. But why are they ‘machines’?? Nothing mechanical about them.

  3. Martin

    The 3rd pic is my home town Hastings, Identified by the castle ruins on the hill, the first castle built in England by William the Conquerer iirc.

  4. catalunya lliure

    @Gerard Actually Donostia is in the Baque Country, not in Catalonia. I think you’ll hear about Catalonia soon.


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