“The first street railway was built in Salina Street in 1859 and Syracuse was soon known “far and wide” as the city where the trains passed through the middle of downtown. Travelers caught “intimate glimpses” of the city, its people, stores and houses as the trains slowed on their way through town.”


Trains on the streets of Syracuse, New York 2

Trains on the streets of Syracuse, New York 1

Sources:  WikipediaTranspress NZ / Michelle Stone / Model Train Journal

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  1. JonBuck

    Right through downtown? I can only imagine the amount of soot that probably coated the buildings.

  2. Ivan

    That looks like a disaster waiting to happen. I wonder how many people have been hit by that train.

  3. dejoh

    The train gave plenty of warning upon its arrival
    To this day, trains roll through many cities.
    Oakland, CA. Ft. Collins Co.

  4. Grant

    That Jack London Square footage is magic! Near Bangkok, Thailand, a train runs right through the Maekhlong market, check it out on You Tube. Especially you, Ivan, you sound like you need to get a life…

  5. Elvis

    I’m proud to say the ‘Cuse is my hometown. A great little city in Upstate NY

  6. Bruce

    Give Bob Congel a chance and he will have them running through the middle of town again. The claim will be that it will attract all the tourist that my Destiny project didn’t.

  7. Avatar of Janewing

    Interesting to note that photos 4 and 5 provide an early example of “photoshopping”: both are identical, however one -as well as being colorized – has enchantments including the beautification if the smoke stream, the addition if advertising signs to buildings on the left, and the removal if some bins or other objects from the sidewalk (their feint shadows remain in the altered image). A fascinating series I terms if the trains and street traffic co-existing – I have never seen anything like this!

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  8. Martin B

    Syracuse has a lake which was poisoned by chemical dumping – the poison seeped into the water supply and the residents, and has produced by far the dumbest, most stunted collection of retards in recent history. Skanky girls with cheesy tattoos and inbred meatballs are a common sighting. Try Albany or Buffalo, or even Rochester for God’s sake!

  9. "Bicycle Bill"

    In La Crosse WI, both the CB&Q (Chicago, Burlington and Quincy) and the C&NW (Chicago and Northwestern) ran tracks along some downtown streets to reach their respective depots during the first half of the 20th century.  


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