1950s: The Aetna Drivotrainer

“The Aetna Drivotrainer was an automobile driving simulator promoted by the Aetna Insurance Company which used color motion pictures to simulate actual driving conditions”
- Wikipedia

Sources: University of Texas, Flamingo Dancer, Brooklyn Public Library, America on the Move

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  1. Chrispy

    Why is John Maynard Keynes showing the woman a printout in picture 6/7?

    • Swifty

      At the end of the session, results for each driver were compared against an instructor session. Scored were based on how closely the students’ sessions mirrored the instructor session.

      Our high school’s driver’s ed. program used something very similar to what’s pictured here, and that was in the mid 90s.

  2. yoda

    Instructor: “Of course, the cars you’ll be driving won’t have the shifter on the column” (*sticks a toilet plunger onto the floor just to the right of the nearest Drivotrainer*)

  3. dick

    Learned on these back in 1970. Pretty good training coupled with actual car-driving and “theory.” Pretty good training for driving down a suburban residential street, anyway.

  4. eydie

    they were called “simulators” at my school in the early 70′s. pretty awesome, actually.


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