c.1974-1980: Teenage Diana

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  1. gladeye

    She looks so pouty. And she liked tilting her head while pouting. Maybe she was being pensive?

  2. Archie

    Poor girl. Got caught up in a bad crowd and look where it got her.

  3. Marie

    My take on these was: she must always have been depressive/melancholic….doesn’t look like she was “posing”.
    And reading of her early life: unwanted as another girl (a boy needed to pass on her father’s earldom); and her mother abandoning kids/husband for a polo player (?)etc. Then of course what the media did to her from age 18 onward.

  4. Melynda

    She was gorgeous even as a girl, but her eyes were always so sad. Even when she was older she only ever seemed happy in pictures with her sons. So says a distant observer who was 15 when she died, anyway.


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