1970s: Slack Power at JCPenney

Sources: Slightly Warped / Fun With Cole

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  1. Red Cardinal

    >>Everyone dresses to the left in the 1970s?

    Yup ,except for Republicans :)

  2. Grant

    Ah, the good old days! When big men were tall, not the size of refrigerators…

  3. Vanessa Emma Goldman

    Approved by “Bob” Dobbs…because, the SubGenius MUST HAVE SLACK(S)!!!!!!

    But seriously…this is Classic Polyester 1970s Cheesiness!!!

  4. drew

    This is when everyone was supposed to walk around looking like Raggedy Ann and Andy. Oh, I remember these days.

  5. mcravener

    @ Gryzor & Carol. Yes those bulges are very conspicuous. But after seeing the pimp outfits in photo 3, I’m pretty sure JC Penny didn’t hold back on the crotch statements.

  6. 70licious

    The early to mid 70′s was the ” Let’s try to dress as Cartoon-ish as we can!” Era…. & clothes (the style) were so tight-fitting back then, if men “didn’t” have a ‘bulge’ he would be made fun of…


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