1862: Sioux Internment

Sioux Internment

“The Dakota War of 1862 was an armed conflict between the United States and several bands of the eastern Sioux. By late December 1862, soldiers had taken captive more than a thousand Dakota, who were interned in jails in Minnesota.”

- Wikipedia

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  1. Becky Seidel

    Do you have any pictures of the Bull’s Island festival in 1972 located southwestern tip of In/ky/IL meet? Thank you! Becky

  2. France

    Shame – Shame – these Dakota were native american who were treated very badly and deprived of their rights.

  3. Mike S.

    “throughout the late 1850s, treaty violations by the United States and late or unfair annuity payments by Indian agents caused increasing hunger and hardship among the Daota”.

    This from the Wikipedia entry on the Dakota War. In response to treatment and threats from the incursion of settlers from the east, the Santee Sioux tried to evict or kill all the white settlers on the Minnesota River and reclaim their land. Hundreds of settlers along with many Santee were killed. At the end of the “war” 38 Santee men were hung in the largest mass execution in United States history. And the Santee were evicted from their shrinking reservation land in Minnesota. A very sad story in American history.

  4. tr

    And they say this country stands for freedom.
    Freedom to obey the masters perhaps.

  5. Cranios

    Wait, I thought the Democrats said that people can always trust the government? So they couldn’t have cheated the Dakota.

    • Ginjoint

      Cranios, exactly who said that?! Shoo. Go do your polarizing elsewhere.

  6. Chuck

    This pictures were taken on Pike Island on the Mississippi just down the hill from Fort Snelling in Saint Paul. I walk that Island all the time and its all trees now. It haunts me to think of the history there.

  7. Mental Retard

    Come on folks! They hadn’t invented the wheel yet!! Think of it as an initiation to a more “Progressive” way of living. It might be easier to Trust if a vote counted for something.

  8. AVL

    Visit the Minnesota Historical Society’s website to learn more about this! It is a big initiative here in MN to teach people about the causes, war, and aftermath that lead to this prison camp and relate it to the larger picture of American Indian/U.S. history

  9. john valentine

    I’m sure everyone here feels badly about living on stolen land. I’m also sure everyone is writing a yearly check, like I do, to the nearest tribal group. I consider it rent in exchange for living on their land.

    • Achiel

      That’s a beautiful idea John. It’s a nice gesture you do. Of course money can not reduce historical things that happend but you show respect by that payment. I live in Europe & I always think (and so it is) that we are the cause of the dramatic happenings in America (and the rest in the world as well).

  10. stevieod

    It is very distressing to know that many Americans believe that the ‘New World’ was ‘given’ to them by ‘God’. That meant that 10,000 years of living on this land did not mean a thing to the european invaders, the Native Americans were considered nothing more than ‘primitives’ and ‘barbarians’ because they did not worship a christian ‘God’.

    The european settlers believed they were entitled to the land in the ‘New World’ by their ‘God’. Not even!

    • Jonathan

      Nothing to do with gods, everything to do with feeding your family from land and not slaughtering the nearest tribe & moving on. All peoples are invaders. Darwins Church if you have to have a totem pole.


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