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  1. Miss Romwell

    I wondered why, in the couple of photos from 1879, they were in full mourning gear. I found out that Princess Alice,who was Victoria’s 3rd child, died in 1878.

  2. Rusty

    Ahhh…the royalty of Europe.
    Nasty, inbred buncha parasites they are.

  3. Litenarata

    Geez dude. They’re just humans like you and me. They didn’t ask to be born into the life they got.

  4. Richard Wills

    They didn’t ask, they demanded, at gun point.

    Reminds me of a 60s/70s? British caper film. One of the characters was a young layabout Earl who was impoverished. So he wound up as a bank robber. When asked why he wound up choosing to be a violent criminal, his reply was;

    “How do you think we got to be Earl’s in the first place?”

    • Red Cardinal

      >>They didn’t ask, they demanded, at gun point.

      Really? Like to quote some examples from this alternate realisty version of Europe you’re describing :)

  5. Leah Allen

    The ones with Princesses Elizabeth and Alix of Hesse kind of make me sad.

    Princess Elizabeth was killed by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution–they tossed her down a mine shaft along with a grenade. And her sister Alix of Hesse went on to become the tsarina of Russia. She was also killed by the Bolsheviks in 1918–shot along with her husband and five children.

    Rusty and Richard, I don’t care what you think of them–no one deserves to die the way these two women did.

  6. Dave Moore

    Take a look at the 9th photo down. The girl in the bottom left is the female version of Prince William! Obviously related, but geez, that is some likeness.

  7. Avatar of csolan

    I LOVE how in the photo of the Queen sitting down with her three grandchildren and daughter standing in a line behind her, the dog at her feet has the exact same expression as the queen. It’s said that dogs and their owners usually start to look alike, and I guess in this case it’s true!

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