Princess Leia kissing Chewbacca and other Star Wars characters


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  1. Choc

    #6 Han is all “whats he got that I haven’t?”
    and Leia is saying “well have you seen the size of his er….feet”

  2. prufrock

    God, she was cute. Well, she always will be; especially after seeing these.

    Star Wars was my welcome home present after spending my 21st year in England. I picked up a friend in Chicago who had flown over from the Isle of Man to see his Minnesota girlfriend, and we went to see it. We were speechless afterwards. So great.

  3. John R.

    I’m not grokking the bottom two pictures. Carrie Fisher and her twin?

  4. Jamie

    These are all from either Empire or Jedi, so none are as early as 1977.

  5. Alan Bickerstaff

    The other Leia is Sandi Gross, who was indeed her stunt double in Return of the Jedi.

  6. Gene

    The Princess Leia bikinis are quite interesting-anybody know how the tops stayed on?


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