c. 1982: Magazines for sale in Blade Runner

“Fictional magazine covers from Blade Runner as shown in the Blade Runner bonus feature Signs of the Times: Graphic Design. The covers were created by production illustrator Tom Southwell in 1980-1981 and appeared in the background on a magazine stand in the city streets.”

- S. Woodside

Source: S.Woodside via La Boite Verte

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  1. james

    Magazine stands in Blade Runner show us a lot of science ficiton isn’t about looking into the future but is most certainly about exploring who we are now. No one had clue what the internet was going to do to publishing in the future and the internetless future of Ridleyville sure didn’t reflect what was to come but where we were then.

  2. Coyote

    If you look at the dates on the magazines they are all 2020!

    The film was originally set then but was moved to 2019

  3. Alan Bickerstaff

    Wonder if that third one was a nod to “Omni” magazine (1978-1995). Article on Illegal Aliens by one R. Scott should be a good read………

  4. Alan Bickerstaff

    …..have just realised, the other two names are Michael Deeley and Lawrence G Paull, Producer and Production Designer respectively. On the next picture, Sherman Labby was a production illustrator.

  5. Alan

    I own five of the magazine covers from the set of Blade Runner. They are MONI, KILL, HORN and two others not shown: FASH and KROTCH. All are dated 2020. I believe there was one more not shown as well, but can’t recall the title. I had the pleasure of working on the film, and someone from the art department was kind enough to give them to me after the set was struck. @ Alan Bickerstaff: MONI was definitely an anagram of the popular science/science fiction magazine OMNI.

  6. Tom Southwell

    Another magazine cover (Droid) was created by Jack Neville, who was responsible for doing the camera ready graphics for most of the graphic work I created for Blade Runner in 1980-81. The working script (scripts) had 2020 as the date of the film however Mr. Scott felt it looked like an eye chart so moved it to 2019. You couldn’t read the titles of these magazines in the film, much less the dates. Legal dept. almost pulled Moni for concerns you mentioned but then let it stay. It was not harmful to them.

  7. Dave

    Of the covers mentioned and shown here, FASH has long been the most elusive. It’s only appearance being a quick (and incomplete) glance on the 1982 convention reel. Any peek of the full cover would be amazing!


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