c. 1975: Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces



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  1. James R

    This was a toy made for imaginative boys! When I got this for Christmas it was the weirdest gift I ever got from my parents. They found it interesting as I was into Universal Monsters and building haunted houses. As time grew on I played with the disguises and even made new ones.
    Great memories and fun.

  2. Nyssa

    OMG, I remember this doll! I’d forgotten all about it. I think my brother must have had one and I remember being fascinated by it. It was creepy-weird, but I liked it. Thanks for the memory recall!

    • Anton Gully

      I’m the same. I had completely forgotten about it but my younger brother had one, though I think I spent more time than him playing with it.

  3. Elizabeth

    I am pretty sure I had one of these things, I wish stuff like this were still around.


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