1960s: Hot Dr. Pepper

Sources: Miss Retro Modern / Recipe Curio / Retro Hot_DrPepper.jpg

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  1. Reagan

    I worked at DrPepper/Sevenup corporate headquarters from 2000-2002. A friend of mine was the front receptionist, and on her giant desk was a coffee pot that had hot Dr Pepper during the winter months. I don’t recall it being popular, but it was offered.

  2. Joanne

    Nice of them to offer Hot Dr. Pepper, but cold Dr. Pepper is bad enough! Blech…

  3. Patrick

    I LOVE hot Dr. Pepper with a slice of orange in it in the winter… have done that since I was a kid.

  4. Kay

    In the Dallas area in Texas, we love drinking hot Dr. Pepper around Christmastime. I enjoy it every year.

  5. J.J.

    We’ve always had it with orange. I’m going to give lemon a try some time. It’s great in winter.


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