1939: Coffee Pot Restaurant, Indiana

“Inspired by a picture of a building in Popular Mechanics, Elmer Laudeman turned a wooden silo into the Coffee Pot Restaurant in 1932. After the building fell into disrepair, the state purchased it and demolished the local landmark to make way for the Bremen bypass.”

- Tammy Sue Venable, Bremen and North Central Indiana

Via Fans in a Flashbulb / Irvington Soup

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  1. Don

    It was so nice to see this pop up today. I grew up in north central Indiana and I remember being on a trip with my parents and my dad pointing out this place to me. It was the 1970s and closed by then but I remembered it ever since. I never knew where it was until today.

  2. Julie

    Cool! Wish there were more places like that still around to see!

  3. Julia Garsenstein

    I can’t wait to feel better. This is a fun museum and I hope to go!
    Also, the Lou Ruvo Brain hospital built by Frank Ghery.
    We also have the MOB MUEUM. I would enjoy volunteer work
    at one of these museums/ Hospital .
    I am sleeping(I think) but my dreams have been very intense.
    I would have really liked if Taki could stop calling me embarrassing
    names. That’s the last thing I want to hear NOW<3!

  4. Gary Poynter

    I have a photo of my great grandparents Cicero Deckard from Monroe & Barren Co KY Beulah Beckner Neville 2nd wife & great Aunt Edna Sell standing in front of the Coffee Post mid 1900s.


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