c. 1900s: “Champion Sword Swallower of the World”

“Edith Clifford (1886-1942) began swallowing swords at the age of 13. Clifford was said to be “generously endowed” and “possessed of more than ordinary personal charms, a refined taste for dressing both herself and her stage, and an unswerving devotion to her art”, and she “perfected an act that found favor in the Royal Courts of Europe”. C

Clifford was said to have swallowed 18 to 20 inch blades without a problem, and a longer blade up to 26 inches long, as well as 10, 16, and up to 24 swords at one time. At around the age of 15, Clifford married 33-year old Thomas Holmes who worked for Barnum and Bailey Circus under the stage name the “Elastic Stretch Man””

- Sword Swallower’s Hall of Fame

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  1. KingGeorge

    I red that sword swallowers champion of the world was from Russia. In 1900. wasn’t good information and media, so world champion… sounds silly, cause no one knew people who lived in another side of our planet.


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