1970s: Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

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  1. anemone

    Monty Python did a whole skit based on something like this: they re-enacted The Great Escape wearing these.

  2. Dave t

    I can imagine these, or a modern version of them, on an infomercial coming soon…

  3. Julie

    Oh goodness! I have to admit to buying some of these hilarious things in about 1971-ish … I was about 15/16 anyway.

    How anyone could have thought they worked beats me – I was just as gullible!

    I hid in my bedroom, put the things on and inflated them. My mum couldn’t resist coming upstairs and taking a peek at me …. she nearly died laughing!

  4. Ringo


    these hotpants arfe really crazy. I don`t think that there is a real use for this kind of thing.

    But why not.

    Really futuristic.

    Nice greatings from Delmenhorst


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