1908-1984: Vintage Weight Gain Ads II



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  1. phaydra

    I’m really fascinated by these ads. Marketing is so entertaining. People want to say because of these ads look skinny hasn’t always been desired, but they would be declaring that inaccurately. As in the ads you can see that being overly thin was not desired, but feminine curves on a slim body was.

  2. Bee

    The address for Wate-On headquarters is just a few miles from me. That particular address is now the home of Vein Clinics of America. I guess that extra weight led to varicose veins.

  3. Jules

    A good example how people were never, ever satisfied with their bodies.

  4. Random Devotchka

    Where was this when I was in HIGH SCHOOL???!!!!!

    I have a magazine from 1899 and the ads are for weight loss… I guess the “weight loss” game won over the weight gain :)

  5. MacKenzie

    Funny how the target body was pretty much the same type that’s idolized now (runway models aside)–perfect hourglass figure with absolutely flat stomach.


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