1976: The Soviet “Hobbit”

Piictures by M. Belomlinskij

Source: English Russia

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  1. Natasha

    This was my first Hobbit book! It’s Bilbo talking to Gandalf,the trolls discussing their dinner, Gollum, the eagles rescuing Bilbo and the Dwarves, Beorn, Bilbo fighting the spiders in Mirkwood, Smaug, Bard slaying Smaug, and the war of the Five Armies.

  2. Dave

    Those illustrations look NOTHING like the pictures in my head. I believe I’d prefer the plain text. Thanks.

  3. joe

    Bilbo, people’s hero of Soviet Middlearth. Scary Capitalist Giants! Ring wears you! Hairy legs fetishism?!?

  4. wilkie

    These illustrations are great, do you have any idea where you can order poster-quality prints or anything of the like?

  5. HiroProtagonist

    Russian doesn’t easily distinguish between the words “foot” and “leg”, so the Russian translation reads that hobbits have furry legs, not feet–hence the hirsute hobbits in these woodcuts.

  6. Anton Rozetsky

    Dear HiroProtagonist,

    Not so fast. We have different words for “foot” and “leg”.
    We even have a lot of words for people who talk a lot, but do not think about what.

  7. LearnAlbanian

    2 HiroProtagonist
    “foot” = “stupnya”
    “leg” = “noga”
    in russian language

  8. Nick

    We (Russians) can easily distinguish between feet and legs but some translators can not 8-)

  9. Nikone88

    I am russian… I saw this book. I also thought – pictures strange. For the first time without reading, in my mind were the other characters.

  10. Dmitry

    Russians ARE easily distinguish between the words “foot” and “leg”. It’s two diffrernt words – “нога” и “стопа”.

    This is just inattentive painter.

  11. Giraff

    These pictures illustrated a book for children. Nothing more than that. In Soviet Russia there was no chance to create a kid’s cult for adults.

  12. Mikhail

    To the brave and wonderful Russian language “experts” here – when you drop, say, an iron – on your foot – do you drop it on your “noga” or your “stopa”? Exactly! There is only one common word for foot/leg, and that’s “noga” – and BTW the artist rendered the images from translated text, so it’s the translator’s “fault”

  13. Yury

    Mikhail, an average modern Russian will say neither leg nor foot.
    He will usually cry about another part of his body.
    You know what I mean.;-)

  14. Anita

    I loved this book as a child, illustrations and all! They created a great atmosphere anyway and I still like them, even though I also like the LTR movies a lot. So I think that for a children’s book here was no harm done whatsoever.

  15. Mitrandir

    Well you here didn’t speak, Russian much richer than your English language. This comment to you from Russia with love)))

  16. Ivan

    July 15, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    He looks like Mikhail Sergeyevich!
    Illustrator made Bilbo as caricature of famous Soviet actor Eugeny Leonov.

  17. Misha Sergeevich

    Ебал я вас всех в рот. Russian’s people understand me))))))

  18. viesturs

    Sidjat tut zapad i kidaet svoji tupie stereotipi o ruskih. Da nu ih… ja kogda jem borsh, chitaju gazetu. A oni pod gamburger ljubjat poboltatj o ruskih, hvastajasj drug drugu skolko “mnogo” oni znajut o ruskih.

  19. March Hare

    It was a book of my childhood
    Really this one with those illustrations
    And I think thats the greatest
    Except Tolkien’s, of course

  20. thnidu

    I like these! But the name is Tolk*ie*n: I-E, not e-i (as on the tag).


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