1865-1976: Photomanipulation

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is a composite of Lincoln’s head and the Southern politician John Calhoun’s body - c.1860

General Ulysses S. Grant in front of his troops at City Point, Virginia - c.1864

General Sherman is seen posing with his Generals. General Francis P. Blair (far right) was added to the original photograph - c.1865

A commissar was removed from the original photograph after falling out of favor with Stalin - c.1930

Mao Tse-tung (right) had Po Ku (left) removed from the original photograph, after Po Ku fell out of favor with Mao - c.1936

Adolf Hitler had Joseph Goebbels (second from the right) removed from the original photograph - c.1937

Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King in Banff, Alberta. King George VI was removed from the original photograph. This photo was used on an election poster for the Prime Minister - c.1939

Benito Mussolini had the horse handler removed from the original photograph - 1942

The “Gang of Four” were removed from this photograph of a memorial ceremony for Mao Tse-Tung held at Tiananmen Square - c.1976

Source: Four and Six
Submitted by: John Pollock

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  1. OnkelPeters

    Great collection, but I rather expected the one with Nikita Khrushchev and the shoe from 1960 to be in it as well.

  2. rosa

    ‘Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’


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