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  1. Rachel

    Is it 1960′s. Some of the background features such as the vans and the clothes and hair of the other people leads me this is more likely 1980′s mod revival.

  2. nigel

    scooter picture with mirrors and lamps was taken in the early 1980`s

  3. Simon

    I think you might be right, its all a bit too tidy for the 60s as I remember them. Scooter still looks awful though, must have been a handful to ride

  4. ScooterShack

    Yes, mainly mid-’80s stuff on a ’70s scoot, i have a mod mag featuring its creation around ’84. This is a great site with outstanding pics, but many aren’t what they pretend to be.
    Illusion, trickery, and misinformation are practically unavoidable in photography.
    You’re not really in a time machine…

  5. moddy body

    These photos were taken around 1980/ 81 I believe the lad was from Weymouth (Dorset, uk)


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