1970s: “Guess Who’s Building Nuclear Power Plants”

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  1. McA

    Yes it was, but Chernobyl doesn’t change the argument for Nuclear power.

    • RC

      If by “Chernobyl doesn’t change the argument for Nuclear power” you mean “No actual facts affect the proponents of nuclear power,” I agree.

  2. Jinxed

    No weaponizing. Iran is, well, had been, one of the most modernized countries in that region. USA comes along and destabilizes the region, and wants to invade this country too.

    Oil. Ruining good things for generations.

  3. Ronnie

    Well said Jinxed. As with most of these issues, the West (predominantly the US, the UK, France) and their clumsy attempts to establish their interests abroad are responsible for many of the ‘problems’ in the world today; Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan ….

  4. mandy_Reeves

    the shah, wanted it to be used for good….til the Ayatollah assahole-ah and Akmidinijad decided to enrich it for destructive purposes.

  5. Hosein

    His majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi , a rare liberal-nationalist leader of iran, at his time middle east was a better place for all and his fall in 1979 was the begining of major conflicts from Afghanistan to Israel and also return of USA & UK to persian gulf.


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