1939: Elektro and Sparko by Westinghouse

Via: Stuttgarter-Zeitung, This is Kevin, David Zondy

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  1. Mark Richards

    Oh, how far we have come since then.. from Electro, to drones. From Electro, to sneakers that flash lights when we walk.

    Astounding progress for humanity.

  2. Gordon V

    In the 50′s Kurt Vonnegut wrote a short story about a man who developed a refrigerator that appeared to have human characteristics, which he then used to sell appliances. Might have been inspired by Elektro for all I know. It’s worth reading: “Jenny”, in the collection “While Mortals Sleep”..

  3. Mike

    We’ve gone from Elektro to ASIMO.
    When it comes to robotics, yes, that is progress.


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