1910: DJ Mixer / Cross Fader

The Gaumont Chronophone System synchronised sound and film at the Gaumont Palace in Paris. The volume was enough for an audience of 4000. Initially the longest film which could have synchronised sound was 200ft due to the limited playing time of a record. Gaumont surmounted this problem by having two record decks; a skilled operator could switch between them to give a more or less continuous soundtrack.”

Dangerous Minds


Sources: Procastin / Herve David


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  1. Mike Barnett

    This is awesome….. Steampunk, a full 77 years before K.W. Jeter coined the word!

  2. Brian Gonigal

    Damm, there should have been a shot of DJ Jazzy Jeff “scratching” on one of these things in the video to Will Smith’s “Wild Wild West” theme song!


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