c.1930s-1950s: Cellophane Ads

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  1. RevIain

    Wow! What a great idea, I’ll rush straight home and wrap some babies in cellophane!

  2. Major Ursula

    @revIain great idea! Nothing could possibly go wrong with that plan!

  3. Pastafarian

    It’s not a product “idea.” They’re not recommending that you go home and wrap your kid in cellophane. It was intended as a humorous, eye-catching visual illustrating the sanitary nature of cellophane and how it preserves freshness. This nuance is apparently lost on a dumbed down modern culture who takes everything literally.

    • sesameleigh

      i’m going out on a limb – but i think most folks get the intended message, but they are also able see and appreciate the dark humor that you may be choosing to refuse.
      seeing a baby wrapped up in plastic is a jarring image in modern times (you’d think it would be back then, too, regardless of the product’s novelty).

  4. Greg

    And isn’t it just-so-CUTE when they turn blue and start flailing around. Almost as if they are trying to tell you something…

  5. Michael

    Helps the kids take a little extra long nap so Mom can relax for a few minutes…..

  6. Nate

    @ Pastafarian – I have a feeling you wouldn’t be too much fun at parties.

  7. Steve

    Wow! Some of you people must have no clue what sarcasm is LOL

    Do you really think they were serious about the baby comments Pastafarian?

  8. ap

    so… are the “Intimate garments” MADE of cellophane, or just PACKAGED in it?

  9. Maggie

    ap, I wanted to know that too. Cellophane knickers…. mmmm comfy!

  10. brax

    The cellophane keeps the undergarments “as fresh and clean as when they left the factory” formaldehyde included.

  11. Melynda

    Someone really liked the wrapping babies in cellophane ad campaign… The cheese one made me laugh. Actually they all pretty much did.


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