1941: Carrots on Sticks

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  1. John

    This post makes little sense without an explanation. I think these must be some kind of ice cream or popsicle thing. If these were real carrots, there would be absolutely no reason to put them on a stick. Anyone?

  2. dr z

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lmNyoxujac

    Carrots on a stick was was the official wartime substitute for ice-cream, and some British children born just before the war didn’t discover what ice-cream actually was until the fighting had finished and rationing stopped.

    The carrot on a stick was offered as the alternative when supplies ran low, because sugar needed to make ice-cream was one of the first luxuries to be hit on rationing, along with bacon and butter.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2123981/In-day-got-Easter-carrot-stick-World-War-Two-showreel-reveals-children-swapped-ice-cream-carrots.html#ixzz1yMH0q4Fy

  3. Mark

    I don’t know. The faces on the kids in the second picture seem to indicate that they’re actually eating carrots on a stick! “Let’s go have a treat, kids!” “Yaaaaaay!” Carrots on a stick? What’s next? Brussel sprout sorbet?

  4. David L.

    Britain was fighting desperate wars against Germany amd Japan. Imports were limited, due to U-boats sinking freighters. Food was severely rationed, especially imported foods like sugar. The top of the sign advertises “Ices”, but it’s crossed out because frozen treats are not available anymore. Not long after this, food was rationed in the U.S., though things were not as tight as in Britain. There was not a single private motorcar produced in the U.S. during the war; those plants were making bombers and jeeps. Gas was rationed, sugar was rationed, meat was rationed, and good luck getting a new tire, if you were lucky enough to have a car. To learn more:

  5. Joanne

    Wonder how they got them on the sticks. I’d hate that job. Carrots are pretty tough and those big babies are especially so. Also, why is the little girl licking it? What pleasure can you get from licking a carrot?

  6. Martin

    Not that odd when I was a preteen I remember being able to buy pickle on a stick and that was in the early 90s

  7. Mark

    They had STICKS??!! LUXURY! When I was a kid, we had to eat carrots with our BARE HANDS!

  8. Dave

    How dare you compare a plain ole’ everyday carrot to Carrot On A Stick! Well, it’s on a stick! It’s always nice to have the luxury of eating your carrots on a stick. Obvious!

  9. Sloop John B

    Have been informed that they were made from frozen carrot juice as a lollipop substitute – and obviously healthy too

  10. Red Cardinal

    >>Have been informed that they were made from frozen carrot juice as a lollipop substitute – and obviously healthy too

    Now that makes sense of them being on a stick then. Actually, looking at the photos again they do look like frozen carrot ice lollies rather than actual raw carrots.


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