1948: “How Masculine or Feminine Are You?”

Source: Chris Mullen

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  1. Robin

    I’d love to read the rest of this… any idea whether the rest of it is available anywhere?

  2. GaryB

    This test is just so bizarre! Since when is wanting to go out on dates masculine or feminine? And who, in the last 40-50 years, enjoyed “crabbing” as a recreational activity? Also, how does loving a male movie star more than a female movie star make you more masculine? (that one was really counter-intuitive!) Lastly, I scored a 10 (no surprise) and I have to say both sets of drapes are hideous :P

  3. Selena

    Gary, my hubby and I go crabbing occasionally, even though I do not like crabmeat. I do however like pulling up the pots and seeing who got the most or biggest. We’re in our early 30s. (I do agree on the drapery though. EWWW)

    I also admit, I too am confused… how is wanting to garden vegetables masculine?


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