1965: “Honor Blackman’s Book of Self Defense”



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  1. val

    Or, do what my Grandmother did once when a strange man put his hand on her knee in the cinema. She stubbed her cigarette out on it.

  2. Chuck

    Looks like Korean hapkido, reasonably basic stuff. Not to hard to teach or learn, and actually useful. She also makes it look good.

  3. peter

    Honor Blackman said in a magazine article in “On Target” April 1986 “I’ve got a blackbelt in Karate. It was a long time age, but i’m still in good shape. I mean,if some man tried to do me in, i could do them in first.”

  4. Harlan

    She was terrific at both Judo and Karate. Millions of young men could not get enough of that book.


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