1970: Berkeley campus

“I was in town to see a friend on a weekday in October of 1970 and had an hour to kill so I walked around the notorious University of California at Berkeley campus to see if the stories were true. These pictures show it was indeed a place to see many interesting people influenced by the Hippy Movement both in their style of dress and in their actions.”

- Lance V. Nix


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  1. John R.

    Great to see that there was a time (and a place) in this country’s history where everything wasn’t one amorphous product-placement blob. Never again.

  2. Drew

    I agree with John R. whole-heartedly about the long-term effects our narcissistic, marketing-saturated obsessions have had on our national psyche as a whole these 40+ years later.

    I also notice there’s a dog sniffing another dog’s ass in the last shot.

  3. Lem

    These are the people who are probably responsible for the product placement and rampant consumerism we see today.

  4. Michael

    Back then I was a Hari Krishna magnet every time I stepped into an airport lobby! Must of been the giant blonde afro I wore then…..

  5. Mike F

    Did anyone actually go to classes and study during this time, or did they spend the whole time being far-out & groovy ?

  6. Jim

    I was there, had a beard and long stringy hair. I worked very hard and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  7. Joanne Powers

    I visited there in February of 67, 68, 69 and 70. It was much better before 1970. Love and Peace Bro…things were happy and light, groovy. By 70 people had changed. Every guy had a dog and they were dangerous, humans and dogs. Maybe I’m crazy, but that was the way it felt.

  8. Puma

    “Hippy” a dead giveaway to someone who may have been there to take these photos ( maybe ), but wasn’t a ‘Hippie’
    And how would you define Hippie anyhow? See anyone who is obviously dirty, high, wearing rags or any of the usual stereotypes? You don’t because what you see is typical student wear- not the Life magazine ‘models wearing fashions around a high school in 1969′( see the pictures here on Retronaut) I lived in Berkeley, I worked on the campus. The campus had very high admission standards, a lot of very smart International students, and a broad social base. The Bay Area had a lot of very cosmopolitan and sophisticated people. It still does.

  9. Yoda

    College has been defined as a four-year period in which you don’t have to dress to impress anyone.

  10. Ricky's

    In 1970 a comrade went to Berkeley to visit some students, back he looked excited, some time later a girlfriend of me went to Berkeley. She also was very enthousiastic. Just a month later I decided to see for myself. It turned to be the most promising I ever watched and it will always hit me like a deep pain when watching the US falling apart and how the people let their dream die.

  11. Jake

    Most of these people were not students. Berkeley attracted “street people” who lounged around Sproul Hall Plaza and Telegraph Avenue in significant numbers. When they were creating a show that attracted students it was easy to tell which was which at a glance. This is the “Berkeley” that the MSM loved to cover, entirely forgetting that Berkeley then and now is one of the world’s great research universities, ranking with or above Harvard in most surveys.

  12. Gene Gnome

    For me these photos generate some good analogies for comparing then vs now; analog vs digital, waves vs numbers, grain vs pixels, manual vs auto, paced vs instant…


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