1957/58: Doxford Engine factory

Via Ship Nostalgia

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  1. Denny

    A lot of those shots were taken from the cab of the overhead
    crane. I used to operate them many years ago.(up in the crane)

  2. qka

    These collections of old industrial photos often make me cringe, as the workers are not wearing eye protection, or little else in the way of personal protective equipment. Not even gloves, when hands are close to the work. We can hope they are wearing steel toe shoes.

  3. norman loch

    As one person remarked, this was when Britain was Great and had many impressive heavy industries like these heavy marine engine factories – not a microchip anywhere in these days !

  4. Andy

    It’s actually very dangerous to wear gloves when using machine tools – touch a rotating workpiece with your bare hand and you might get a nasty bruise or gash, do it wearing gloves and they can snag and drag you into the machinery…

    Great pix – you can just smell the steel and cutting oil.

  5. Snake

    I warked in a big engine factory, early in the 2000′s. I built the last two stroke naval engines made in Italy (Sulzer). Now the factory is only an assembly workshop. How sad is it!


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