“The HOLLYWOODLAND sign was erected in 1923 to advertise a new housing development in the hills above the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. In 1949 the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce contracted to repair and rebuild the sign. The contract stipulated that “LAND” be removed to reflect the district, not the housing development.Wikipedia

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  1. George Slight

    Very nice! I’ve always been interested in the sign before it became the iconic thing it is today. Love the adverts for the estate too! Great find!

  2. stevieod

    OMG!…to see what the general area looked as circa early 1920′s…today of course it has been all been paved over and developed to death…but back then it was all just open land…it’s funny to see on the other side the San Fernando Valley as it was back then…farms…it’s sad how developers have destroyed the natural beauty of Los Angeles…


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