1949: Television Taboos



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  1. Pogo

    What a pleasant relief it would be if tv returned to those standards.

  2. Dennis

    Ha, those “shocked” expressions worn by the male actors are a riot.

  3. Vanilla

    F**k pogo’s comment. Forcing women to hide their bodies promotes problems, it doesn’t prevent them. It encourages the idea that women are sexual objects inherently different than, or somehow not “human” in the way as, men.

  4. Kat

    Vanilla’s got a point — there’s only *one* mention of men’s costumes? 1949 is well after Clark Gable took his shirt off in “It Happened One Night”. I know there was (and is) a double standard, but still…

  5. Raf

    It was a radical idea to have Lucile Ball pregnant on her show “I Love Lucy”. CBS would not allow the show to use the word “pregnant”, so “expecting” was used instead. To increase publicity, the original air date of “Lucy Goes to the Hospital” was chosen to coincide with Lucille Ball’s real-life delivery of Desi, Jr. by Caesarean section. It was watched by more people than any other television program up to that time, beating Dwight Eisenhower’s inauguration coverage the following morning.

  6. Ted

    The actors must not enjoy pooping or it might give people ideas. Who thought they had to be in charge of other people’s morals. A**hats.

  7. Joel

    I’ve always found it weird that Ammurricanes always have to go to the bathroom to cr*ap. Wazzup with that t*rd bathing thing? I cr*ap in my toilet. Much more healthy…

  8. Jane

    I bet those men with the “shocked” expressions had a great time looking at the scantily-clad woman during this photo shoot. Who are they trying to fool? (LOL)

    Also, notice how there’s no restrictions for men. Does that mean they were allowed to walk around shirtless showing off their pecs and six packs? ;)

  9. HardcorePrawn

    It does seem odd that it’s all about the female model and her body, and not the man. Even in the ‘too gay drinking’ photo she’s showing quite a bit of flesh while he hasn’t even loosened his tie.

  10. Joe

    What’s the matter, Pogo, don’t you like girls?

    I always thought an amusing episode of Leave it to Beaver might go like this:

    (Ward) “Hmmm, lovely day we’re having…”
    (Fred Rutherford) “WARD!! Stop that immediately!”
    (Secretary) “Um, what happened?”
    (Fred Rutherford) “He was staring up your…erm…”
    (Secretary) “Mr. CLEAVER!!!

    (Ward) “Gee, thanks, Fred.”
    (Fred) “Ward, this behavior is unacceptable, I mean it!”
    (Ward) “What’s the matter with you, Fred, don’t you like women?”
    (Fred) “Uhhh…..erm….I HAPPEN to be a married man!”
    (Ward) “Yes, but how old is Violet? Eleven? When was the last time you and your wife…”
    (Fred) “WARD!! That….is NONE of..”
    (Ward) “I’ll TELL you when…it was nine months before Violet was born..you see, you little girl has two big ears, and one big mouth…and so does my son, Beaver.”
    (Fred) “This….this is OUTRAGEOUS!!”
    (Ward) “I’ll TELL you what’s outrageous, Fred…the community’s reaction when they find out about what exactly you ARE attracted to….”
    (Fred) “….Now, Ward….*I* could always tell June about what you were just doing, looking up your secretary’s…”
    (Ward) “Sure, Fred…I’ll sneak a peek every now and then, but I only look, I save the touching for June.
    YOU, however….and those male interns….Fred, Fred, Fred…”
    (Fred) “OK, Cleaver…what exactly is it that you want?”
    (Ward) “Simply a 40% partnership…I think I’m due it by now.”
    (Fred) “W-Ward, I don’t think I can swing…”
    (Ward) “But you DO swing, Fred, you DO swing…and what’s worse it that it’s the wrong way!”
    (Fred) “…..Alright, it’s yours.”
    (Ward) “Nowww, THAT wasn’t so hard, was it, Fred? I think I’ll go home early and celebrate with June and the boys.”

    (Fred) “Well, family, it seems I’m finally a partner – 40%!!”
    (June) “Oh, Ward, dear, that’s WONDERFUL!!”
    (Wally) “Gee, congratulations, Dad!”
    (Beaver) “Yeah, Dad, it sure was smart the way you did it, too!”
    (Ward) “Why, Beaver, why do you say that, son?”
    (Beaver) “Well,,,it’s on accounta Violet Rutherford called me and said that her dad hunged himself on accounta you blackmailing him into becoming a partner.”
    (Ward) “Now, Beaver….”
    (Beaver) “Dad…what’s a homo?”


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