1923: Škoda “Tortoise”

Škoda "Tortoise" Škoda "Tortoise" Škoda "Tortoise" Škoda "Tortoise" Škoda "Tortoise" Škoda "Tortoise" Škoda "Tortoise"

“The Škoda PA-II (Panzerwagen II) featured rounded armor plate which earned it the nickname “Tortoise”. Production started in 1923, with 12 units ordered. Vienna’s police force purchased three vehicles in 1927, and the remaining nine vehicles were purchased by the Czech police force in 1937. The Germans took over the PA-IIs when they annexed Czechoslovakia in 1939, and used them as armored radio vehicles.”

- Tanks in World War Two

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  1. Christopher

    One of the many vehicles Germany acquired when they were given Czechoslovakia. The Czechs had a first class army, though small, and would have been a valuable ally to France and England in ’38 if the war would have been fought then.


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