1920s: WTF Valentine Cards



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  1. Ginger

    The eyes of the kid serving his heart on a tray will haunt me to the end of my days. Strange, strange images.

  2. shanti thomas

    where did they come from? The one about You built a wall so fast and strong But with my Magic Ray It wont last long…. well all of them presume edwardian or earlier or contemporary up date?

  3. ThatDarnCat

    I can see how some of the images might be construed as violent by namby-pamby milktaost liberals who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to think for themselves.

    • mandy

      Do we really have to turn everything into a “liberals” comment? I’m pretty sure the weirdness of these cards crosses party lines.

    • Ella

      Yes. Because that comment suggests one who thinks for himself.

      Right wing? Left wing?

      Meet eagle.

  4. aquamarina

    I was laughing out loud reading these cooky Valentines! Can you imagine receiving one of these now a days?! LOL!

  5. mandy_Reeves

    EWWW did not need to see “angry psycho clown officer” right before bed. These are signs of the times though, these cards. If you have ever watched a Bugs Bunny or Looney Tunes cartoon or ones made by Tex Avery….you’ll know these were very bawdy and raucous times. If you couldn’t drink liquor or had bad memories of WW1, you needed something to make you laugh! Also…these are waaaay tame compared to those e card things everyone sticks all over face book.

      • Ella

        So… these are theoretically available for purchase then?


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