“The Phantom Corsair is a  six-passenger coupé prototype automobile built in 1938. Designer Rust Heinz planned to put the car into limited production. However, Heinz’s death in a car accident in July 1939 ended those plans, leaving the prototype Corsair as the only one ever built.”

- Wikipedia

Phantom Corsair 1938 2 Phantom Corsair 1938 3 Phantom Corsair 1938 1

Source: Supercars

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  1. Bruce Partington-Plans

    One of my favourite cars – absolutely beautiful. Built by Californian coachbuilders Bohman & Schwarz as I recall; appeared in the 1938 Doug Fairbanks Jr/Paulette Goddard film The Young In Heart as “The Flying Wombat”.

  2. Bob

    That movie was on TV, (Nite Owl Theater) in 1954. I was entranced by the Flying Wombat. It had a musical horn that played the “Ride of the Valkyres” It was 6 pax because it was very wide. Some plastic mock ups were made but it is a one off. It is somewhere in Nevada, but not Las Vegas.

  3. Helen Tapp.

    Goodness me .what a stunningly beautiful car , and those lovely lines.Reproduced today,it would most likely be a best seller.. Go for it!!!!

  4. JoseBiN

    Definitly reminds me of a Citröen Ds, my grandpa had one.
    I already knew about this car but eventually forgot it, until I played L.A Noire :)

  5. Viktoria

    Imagine that rebuilt with modern technology. I can drive one to work for sure ;)


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