1970s: Men’s Jump Suits

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  1. Bronwen

    The text in the first ad makes me want to quit my job RIGHT NOW and start a new career in advertising. “The Ultimate Fashion Climax!”

  2. Dianora

    going to the bathroom would have been quite a before and after experience, im sure…

  3. Drew

    As a teen in the 70s, I feel qualified to say that the clothing, hairstyles, accessories and general appearance of the 1970s male were the ugliest, and most absurd of any time in human history. And that says a lot, considering we’re the same species that invented the pantaloon.

    • Mark

      I was a child in the 70s, so this sort of thing is always awesome to me. My first impression of the world was basically this, although I don’t remember my father ever wearing a jump suit. A beard, yes. Shirt unbuttoned to the navel showing off his manly chest hair, you bet. No jump suit though.

  4. kerry

    I had two jumpsuits in the 70′s one blue and one in beige,They looked alot like the first picture.Miss my disco days

  5. Diana

    Wow. That copy. It is even more astounding than the jumpsuit, and that’s saying a lot.

  6. Skipweasel

    The McCalls pattern – size 40. Now, I’m a big bloke – rather bigger than that, but for heaven’s sake if jump-suits have to be worn, only stick-insects should attempt to carry it off.


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