1970: Practical Encylopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement

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  1. qka

    Some less outdated than others. A change of paint or wallpaper would bring them up to date

    However, carpet, especially shag carpet, is never a good idea in a bathroom.

  2. ammy

    i remember homes similar to this when i was kid, way back when. i like the purple kitchen, but the rest of them nearly made my eyes bleed.

  3. lea

    Everything old is new again!

    The pink dressing room reminds me of a Doris Day movie. I really dig the sectionals though – great for key parties! lol

  4. JonBuck

    The purple kitchen is the best of the bunch, IMO. But… hot pink cabinets? Hot pink dressing area? Avocado green? The faux Peter Max wall murals? One thing that stands out is that black sectional that looks like a very wide lounge chair. If you get on in the middle you’ll need someone to pull you out.

  5. Leeloo

    Thanks for sharing these. I love old interior design images from the 50′s through the 80′s. You brightened my day.

  6. Bronwen

    I love how decorators in the 70s were not yet willing to make the television set the focus of the room. They are off to side, on shelves, in places that would be awkward to actually lounge around and watch. The furniture in these living rooms/dens, whatever are positioned to make visiting and socialization the focus, rather than everything being pointed at an entertainment center. I miss that.

  7. Carol

    WOW! Are these COLORS for people who grew up in the 60s but got jobs and stopped doing drugs when they bought their first homes in the 70s???

  8. CJ

    When I was house-hunting, I looked at a house from the late 1960′s that had a pit with banquette seating around the fireplace, as in photo #10. The fireplace itself was round, and brick. It was definitely cool-looking. Love the design from this era, but remember that I never really liked all of the crazy colors back then.

  9. Miranda

    I see that Jonathan Adler borrowed his decor repertoire/aesthetic from the black and green room with the Eames chair.

  10. ap

    My theory is it takes 50 years for an architectural style ot peak, become butt ugly and then become retro cool. 0′s populauxe has been trendy lately, so this stuff is next on the horizon.

    but it does make my brain hurt.

  11. Renee

    Yikes. I felt like I need my sunnies on to stop the glare from these…err bright coloured images! I agree though the purple kitchen is cool!

  12. HuntanPeck

    I’d love to have a living room like in photo #18 with that lovely, warm wood paneling and subdued colour scheme. I find it interesting how these photos reflect the changing aesthetics of a single decade. For example, photo #4 still has a very 1950′s flavour, while photo #9 looks almost like something out 2001: A Space Odyssey or Barbarella.

  13. MzStilletto

    Is it weird that I totally want some of these rooms in my house?? (The bright pink kitchen gave me bleedy eyeballs, though.)

  14. Aristocrat

    The sad fact is that these pristine-looking places would be ruined by the presence of actual people living in them. Within a week they would start to resemble a pigsty by default.

  15. Geoff Jackson

    Some of those are crazy, love some of them, hate others.

    And indeed, some are very bright. Would have a permanent headache I think living amongst some of that interior decor.

  16. Avatar of John_Hodge

    These are like the glorious sunset before Postmodernism. Or rather, when I say ‘Postmodernism’, I mean the point when they realised that ‘liveability’ – ie what sort of spaces human beings can comfortably live in, coming from our humble origins as cave-dwellers – had unfortunately been left behind by designers’ and architects’ visions of a ‘future’. Then again, maybe it’s not as disturbing as it looks, living in a house where lurid lime green, hot pink and bright orange relentlessly do battle on the wallpaper!

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