“The Douglas TB2D Skypirate  was a torpedo bomber intended for service with the US Navy’s aircraft carriers. Two prototypes were completed, but the dedicated torpedo bomber was becoming an outdated concept and with the end of World War II, the type was no longer needed, resulting in the project’s cancellation.”

- Wikipedia


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  1. Kurt

    Great post! I’ve never seen this plane before. The wikipedia article is fascinating too. This plane was designed to takeoff from a carrier with 4 torpedoes slung beneath the wings. Too bad that never happened, it would have made a beautiful picture.

  2. Gene

    Imagine-two counter-rotating propellers..on the same shaft. I’m not sure that would have lasted very long-but it did counteract the torque of that enormous engine!The Germans tried the same concept (F-W “Pfeil”)-it didn’t work so good.


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