1914-1918: Colour photographs of the German Front

All images by Hans Hildenbrand

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  1. CatM

    Right up until the snow picture you’d think it was all taken on a bright sunny day. A few of the photos look like the Germans are congratulating themselves on their destruction skills. “Fine job we did, men, blowing up this farmhouse.” “Quite, quite.”

    • qka

      Or did the French (other Allied forces?) blow up the farmhouse in their retreat? We’ll never know. War is like that.

      As for the bright sunny days – it is my understanding that early color film was not as photosensitive as more modern films. Bright sunny days were needed to get a good exposure.

    • Fluffy

      I dought anyone blew it up on purpose, far more likely an allied shell hit it if it’s just behine German lines. Given the misery of life in the trenches you’re not going to mindlessly destroy a perfectly good warm, dry, comfortable house. As qka says, we’ll never know.

  2. John

    I had heard that the Germans had the better trenches and judging by these pics it seems they did.

    • Theo

      Hey John, the Germans had indeed better trenches. I’ve bin in the Verdun region two weeks ago and the German trenches are still there, we walked through them, and it was a weired feeling after al this years.

  3. Fritz

    The Germans may indeed have had better trenches, but remember that these were probably taken for propaganda use, and you wouldn’t want to waste your scarce color shots on trenches filled with mud, rats, and feces.


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