1930s/1940s: Los Angeles Women’s Mug Shots



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  1. garconniere

    i saw these on tumblr back in december, and find them more sad than anything else… if only we could find out more about them as people, not just for the crimes they were accused of.

  2. melissa

    wow. so it was a crime to be a lesbian? ridiculous and insane. times have definitely changed.

    • MissMotie

      Not really….people are still being put to death for being gay. Times have not changed enough. Perhaps in 50 years it will be different…

  3. MikeP.Nash

    Not so much the good old days. So much for looking back into the past with ‘Rose tinted spectacles’ when they were locking up lesbians!

  4. larry

    The badger game is an extortion scheme, often perpetrated on married men, in which the victim or “mark” is tricked into a compromising position to make him vulnerable to blackmail.
    (source: Wikipedia so it mst be true)

  5. Kaitlyn

    Heh, those were the days…when being a lesbian and a ‘mental case’ was cause to lend you a mug-shot….


  6. vic leeds

    Your set of women’s mugshots – they belong to and come from a book by the author Katherine Dunn, who was also responsible for a fantastic fiction work titled “Geek Love”. I don’t know who the person is garnering credit, but it is misplaced and errant. Dunn’s book is the same title you’ve printed, it was not published by Mr. Tejaratchi.

    • Jonathon W B

      The Book was co Authored by the both of them. Text was written by Dunn. The Pictures, Lay out and Design were edited by Tejaratchi

  7. lynn

    Oh yea the good days when you could get arrested for not having three feminine items on you or face arrest and then the boys would rape the lesbian out of you.. These were grandparents maybe your parents, committing these crimes.. Not so long ago.

  8. Daisy13

    If it was against the law to be a lesbian or gay than maybe there wouldn’t be so many today…it’s so accepted that people who aren’t gay think they may be gay….I say they should’ve kept that law!

    • mairzydoats

      Daisy, I’m going to assume you’re being ironic. It’s possible that you’re a complete idiot, but I’m going to go with my other idea.


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