1915: Sennett Bathing Beauties

‘In 1915, Mack Sennett assembled a bevy of girls known as the Sennett Bathing Beauties to appear in provocative bathing costumes in comedy short subjects, in promotional material, and in promotional events like Venice Beach beauty contests.’

- Wikipedia


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  1. Aimee Morgado

    Since when is Wikipedia a proper or even a reasonable citation? Please, please make some effort to look up the original source. Citations are on the Wikipedia site. If there isn’t one, don’t use the information. I love this website, but most of the information is useless or wrong. What a shame.

  2. Kelly

    The great Gloria Swanson was originally one of Sennett’s gals. She’s probably in more than one photo, but if I remember the captions in her autobiography correctly, she’s definitely on the right in photo #2.

  3. Irenne

    I have photo #3 which I blew up and is hanging in one of my bedrooms. I love it. i just would like to know the names of the women sitting on the boat. Does anyone know their names? Thank you.

  4. LauraJ

    Gloria Swanson is most definitely not in picture #2. She was only a ‘bathing beauty’ for the briefest of times before she started acting. The beauties where usually comprised of girls trying to ‘break in’ to show business, some acted in Sennett pictures and some didn’t. It is suggested that Sennett is responsible for inventing the ‘casting couch’ and that he ‘auditioned’ *ahem* many of the bathing beauties himself.

  5. Stacia

    Aimee, are you seriously saying that the single sentence about the Bathing Beauties that was quoted on this post isn’t supportable? These are indeed all pictures of Sennett’s Bathing Beauties, with the probable exception of the one where people are posing in front of an airplane.

    LauraJ, Gloria can be seen on the far left in the 7th picture, the one wearing a referee outfit.

    Of the people I can identify (very few): In the Santa pic, Marie Prevost is the one on the far right, Harriet Hammond MAYBE in the center, then Phyllis Haver on the left.

    In the 2nd smaller photo toward the end of the post, Vera Steadman is on the far right, Marie just next to her, and Harriet Hammond is third from the left, the tallest one.

    Marie Prevost may be the one in the center of the very last photo. (Whoever she is, she’s wearing the same suit Marie is in some other Beauty stills, but she also looks like Mary Thurman. I know from experience that even Sennett postcards and photos confused Thurman and Prevost at times, they looked very similar.)

    Phyllis Haver is in the 3rd picture drinking from a bottle, and I believe is the one being held in the bathtub picture. Lillian Biron is third from the right in the bathtub picture.

    In the top photos with the Beauties on a car, the lady in the white suit with the diamond pattern on it and wearing a tri-cornered hat is Marvel Rea.

    The pic with the lobster is often credited as being from Whose Little Wife Are You?


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