1980: Sci-fi Convention, Los Angeles

All pictures by Dik Daniels

Sources: Dik Daniels, L.A.S.F.S. via I09

Source: L.A.S.F.S
Submitted by: Katie Nichols

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  1. Joe

    Those three guys, what movie is that from? They obiously put a lot of work into those costumes….is it Ice Prates?

    Also, love the very well done Ripley costume and the Wilma Deering one.

  2. Yoda

    In 1980 the two Darth Vaders would’ve been recognizable as much, but now my first reaction was “Vader hanging out with black Stig?”

  3. Tim

    The three guys standing together aren’t from a movie. The fellow in the middle’s wife made up their costumes. I know because he is my housemate.

  4. Taylor C.

    I’m disappointed, 1 photo out of 30 represented the output in Doctor Who costumes at that event.

  5. Jinxed

    Ahhh, Westercon. I actually recognized a few of these folks, they still costume and still attend cons!


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