1960s: NASA’s Model Spacecraft

Via Wired and La Boite Verte

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  1. Alan Bickerstaff

    Skylab was always a compromise project, based on the need to use up a spare Saturn V (from the cancelled Apollo 18-20 missions), plus using technology developed for the (also cancelled) USAF Manned Orbiting Laboratory programme. The third stage was converted from fuel tank to the lab itself.
    The pictures of the Lunar Module model are brilliant – if you get a chance to watch the series “From the Earth to the Moon”, watch the episode called “Spider”. It shows all the Grumman development of the LM, including the 5 legged version in the first photo.

    • qka

      Lunch lady? That’s a sexist comment! I saw a female engineer. They have long been around, admittedly not in the numbers there are today.

  2. Alan Bickerstaff

    To follow up on my comment above – I was at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum last week. They have the “back-up” Skylab on display, which you can walk through. Surprising spacious inside. It even has one solar panel missing to duplicate the fact that the flown one lost a panel on it’s way to orbit.


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