1893: Map of the Square and Stationary Earth

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    • Bible buff

      The dangers of taking Von Buren’s accultic NASA and JPL institutions as factual and not fictional. You’ve been conditioned boy!

  1. Alan Bickerstaff

    Interesting that he actually showed the correct orbital and rotational speeds on the map anyway….

  2. Ruth

    It’s the Discworld! :D

    Actually, he’s quite wrong in saying that the Bible condemns the idea of a circular earth. There’s even a verse that says that God “sits on the circle of the earth”.

    Oh well, he was clearly a bit of an odd fish… :S

  3. qka

    The last known complete copy of this map was recently donated to the Library of Congress (US).

    This site has a much larger copy – 3132 x 2148 pixels – for those who are interested.

    More info:


    On the right side middle is a depiction of Ferguson’s opinion of what would life would be like if we really lived on a globe hurtling thru space. I guess he never heard of gravity.

  4. Brian Gonigal

    Ironically, I just finished reading a blog post by Phil Plait, who writes Discover Magazine’s “Bad Astronomer” column, where he repeated his belief that “Intelligent Design” (i.e. Creationism) is on it’s last legs and the concept is about to disappear for good. Seeing things like this makes it hard for me to share his optimism.


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