1983: Apple “iPhone” Prototype

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  1. supermario

    I doubt that LCD display would be from 1983, even prototyped.. LCD technology was in its infancy then, and it would have been impossibly expensive even for an Apple prototype.
    Also its clarity and sharpness is suspicious for a genuine display from the 80s.. what’s yor opinion?

  2. qka


    It’s a fake, a recent creation, not retro at all.

    In 1983, LCD was beyond infancy, but you didn’t see many this large.

  3. Jasonwuzthere

    Yep, it’s bullshit, but Apple is bound to use it to sue somebody…or, everybody. Hell, why not?

  4. Sha.k

    It’s not bullshit, I grew up in the 80′s and LCD’s were already widely used; very popular in watches since the 70′s…there were already LCD watches with tiny calculators built in.

  5. Patrick

    Agreed, Sha.k I am a 70′s and 80′s kid also, and LCDs were not only this large and larger, they were touch screen too… they were making LCD touch screens by the early 1970s for use in restaurants and businesses. My dad worked in office supplies (including selling Apple IIe and the first Macs) in the late 70s through the mid 90s. I am assuming those posters above that have no clue about LCD are people that are in their early to mid 20s and therefore were either not alive or aware in 1983.

  6. james

    I find the Hi-Res LCD part of it pretty unlikely for 1983 at least if its supposed to be really working. However that technology was in consumers by 1986 in the first lunchbox portable pcs as I had one, so this probably a real prototype.

  7. Patrick

    I am not sure if we are looking at the same photos… not really “high res” as far as I am concerned, pretty basic 1980′s LCD display… plain black lines, etc… I had a “little professor” as a kid that had close to that quality of an image on the LCD screen.

  8. Coyote

    The question nobody has asked is:
    Is this a working prototype? The “LCD screen” could just be a set of acetate overlays to show what the system could look like.

  9. Patrick

    Good point, Coyote, since the exact same screen image is on all 3 pictures.

  10. LREKing

    Actually, there are TWO different displays.

    One is a check, and the other looks to be an order form of some kind with a small keypad (thus the stylus).


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