1990s-2000s: World’s Biggest Websites at Launch


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  1. Ben

    I was not aware 2004 was part of the 1990′s! Wow, you learn something new every day!

  2. Glen

    According to Wikipedia, Youtube didn’t launch until 2005. Twitter: 2006. Myspace: 2003 Facebook: 2005

    I may be wrong, but you guys might want to fact-check this one.

    • nicholas

      No, I’m about 100% sure that these are fakes/jokes. Unless we changed history again, is the US at war with the Taliban or the IRA?

  3. Megan

    I think the point of this was to show what the most popular websites would look like at the internet’s launch…not that they were all around then. :P

  4. Tom

    Great. Interesting to see the use of exclamation marks in all these…far more jovial than sites these days. Maybe that was to make up for the lack of flashy graphics? Minamalism is far more in vogue now.

  5. Matt

    Glen, I think you first problem might be using Wikipedia as a accurate source. Let’s remember to look at when things start not the company launched.


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