1898-1912: Tetrahedral Kites by Alexander Graham Bell

‘In 1898, Bell experimented with tetrahedral box kites and wings constructed of multiple compound tetrahedral kites covered in silk. The tetrahedral wings were named Cygnet I, II and III, and were flown both unmanned and manned’

- Wikipedia

Sources: Century of Flight, Garden of Praise, Kitehistory, Oobject

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  1. Miss Romwell

    Amazing, they look so odd flying in a Victorian sky. I has no idea Bell built these, and I’m surprised I’ve never come across them before.

  2. Rick Lincroft

    Following his invention the Telephone, (No small feat.) and the founding of AT&T, Alexander Graham Bell was a wealthy man. He used that money to finance his interest in the cutting edge of Victorian technology, like flying machines, and high-speed watercraft. (And, apparently, magnificent beards.)
    Note how much more “polished” his aircraft look, compared to the Wright Bros. airplane.
    In addition to these beautiful kites, he also built the first hydrofoil boats, some capable of the then amazing speed of 45mph.
    The man was a true technological pioneer, ’til the day he died.


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