1968: “Christmas with Colonel Sanders”



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  1. qka

    Companies putting out Christmas records every year seems to have been somewhat common in the 1960s. Christmas of my childhood included listening to a number of holiday records put out by Firestone.

  2. craig

    This practice still goes on, it’s just that today’s compilations are not put out by Goodyear or Kentucky Fried Chicken, but by Starbucks, Williams-Sonoma, Pier 1, etc.

    My parents probably still have ‘Christmas Eve with Col. Sanders’. We listened to it and others like it every year when we were kids.

  3. Kait

    so does anyone have recordings uploaded anywhere? I’m curious as to what Mr. Sanders sounded like on vinyl… ;)

  4. Bryan Carpenter

    Actually he did not sing on these albums. My Dad had the Christmas eve and and Christmas day ones. He was more of a collector of these songs and presented them I guess. Just the use of his image to sell them.


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